Bloomsbury Farm CSA Party

On Saturday the 17th of last month, we were invited out by the amazing folks at Bloomsbury Farm to capture their Annual CSA Event. Bloomsbury is a gorgeous working farm and a breathtaking wedding venue.

We really love the idea of their Annual CSA party that they throw for their CSA members and their families. It was such an amazing time - the styling, the food, the weather, everything came together seamlessly to create an event to be remembered. We were honored to be a part of it, and can't wait to get back out there to shoot again.

For now, enjoy this preview of the Bloomsbury Farm CSA Party! 


Thanks to all of the great folks who helped make this event a success:

Bloomsbury Farm

South Fork Catering

Mill Creek Brewing

Grayton Beer

Bear Creek Farm

Bethany + Joseph Wedding

Last Saturday we headed to Murfreesboro to the gorgeous "Stone Gate Farm" for Bethany + Joseph's Wedding Day. The weather was perfect, and the mood was relaxed and jovial. From the moment we stepped into the venue we could tell a great deal of thought and care was put into this wedding. Bethany took care of nearly all the decorations for her wedding. A true DYI girl, it turned out gorgeously, from the Jones soda bar, to the stylish s'more bar her attention to detail was impeccable. 

The venue itself was a fantastic backdrop for Bethany + Joseph, with  eclectic pieces from all over the world, including the Stone Gate itself which was imported from Italy. It was an awesome day with these two!

Enjoy this preview of their wedding...

The Barn at Sycamore Farms

If you didn't make it out to the Barn at Sycamore Farms' Open House a few weeks ago, you missed out on a gorgeous evening, fantastic flowers and decor, and delicious food. We also don't mind mentioning some addictive jalapeno margaritas, we may have had 1, or 6, but whose counting anyways right? If you did miss it, don't worry, we have a sneak peak below of their amazing venue.  Enjoy it, and if you're in the event industry in Nashville, what are you waiting for? Get this place booked up! 

Magen + Alex Wedding

This week we headed south towards the beautiful white sandy beaches along 30a in Florida. We had the privilege of capturing Magen + Alex's lovely elopement on the beach. Magen + Alex wanted something small, intimate, and special for their wedding. What better way to meet all three criteria than to gather with a few friends and family at sunset on the beach. 

It was a gorgeous relaxed day on the coast, and we couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out. The sunset on the water and a breathtaking storm cell in the opposite direction made for a unique and dramatic backdrop. Enjoy this preview of Magen + Alex's special day! 



Kathy + Mark Wedding

We got to celebrate with Kathy + Mark last weekend as we captured their wedding day. These two lovebirds have been together for a long time and decided to make it official by sealing the deal with a pair of rings and a kiss!

Kathy + Mark said "I do" at the gorgeous Chapel at St. Henry Catholic Church. The reception was held at Kathy + Mark's production studio. Their space made for an exceptional reception venue!

Enjoy this preview of Kathy + Mark's special day! 

Rachel + Nick Wedding

On Saturday, September 3rd we headed to Downtown Nashville to meet up with Rachel + Nick and capture their wedding day. Needless to say, it was effortless on our part. These two were so relaxed and happy it was simply contagious! 

It was such a good day of shooting!  Rachel's eye for detail, and the Italian theme they chose to celebrate their cultural heritage were perfectly executed and made for a gorgeous backdrop on their wedding day. We shot at the iconic Bridge Building, and the breathtaking Cathedral of the Incarnation on West End. We couldn't be happier with the way the photos turned out. Here's a preview of their day, enjoy! 

Ormai la frittata è fatta. Augurino Rachel + Nick! 


Jessica + Mickey Wedding

Last Friday we had a wonderful time shooting Jessica + Mickey's Wedding at the always gorgeous Cheekwood Gardens. 

It was a perfect day - sunny, cool, and everything was in bloom! Jessica + Mickey held a small ceremony in the Japanese Garden with a few family members in attendance and Mickey's father conducting the ceremony. 

After the ceremony we strolled the grounds and captured just how much in love and filled with joy Jessica + Mickey really are. It was such a fantastic time, we hope you enjoy this preview of a truly amazing couple. 

Cheers to Jessica + Mickey! 



Anna + Codi Wedding

We started Anna + Codi's day in the historic house at Brentwood Country Club. It was the perfect setting to this couple's sophisticated southern charm. Anna was glowing, and it was impossible to take a bad picture of her. Codi was calm, and qualifies as a true southern gentleman on all counts. 

We spent most of our time in the club house.  The historic architecture and natural light were simply too great to pass up, as they complimented Anna + Codi perfectly. We are thrilled with the way their photos turned out, from the formals to the ceremony in Baskins Chapel.

We hope you enjoy this preview as much as we do, and to Anna + Codi, congrats! It was such a great wedding!