Liza + Phil Wedding

Last Saturday was great!  We shot Liza + Phil's wedding in downtown Nashville and it was awesome!

Liza and the ladies got ready downtown at the Omni, while Phil and the guys spent the morning hanging out his house. We shot both locations as they got ready and prepared for the biggest moment of their lives. They had a gorgeous ceremony at St Mary's Catholic Church and a lively reception to follow at the Musicians Hall of Fame. Dream Events & Catering provided planned all of the details perfectly on point and outstanding food for everyone!

Liza + Phil were so much fun to capture!  Their dynamic is fun, flirty, and sincere. Phil's relaxed, understated humor is the perfect balance to Liza's strong, get it done attitude. Their wedding day was full of laughing, romantic moments, and goofy interactions.

We hope you enjoy the preview of Liza + Phil's wedding! 


Neha + Eric Wedding

Last Saturday we shot a GORGEOUS wedding with Neha + Eric. They are both so photogenic! Eric with his gentle, quiet confidence, and Neha with her intense and affirmative beauty. These two were a dream to shoot. They had a traditional Indian wedding with Western elements and the way it all came together was perfect. 

They got married at the Fontanel Mansion  with mostly out of town guests. Neha + Eric were some of the only folks at the wedding who live in Nashville. The Fontanel was a perfect location to give the destination guests a classic view of Nashville. People from all over the world gathered for a truly wonderful and intimate ceremony that was filled with beautiful moments and lots of laughter. Eric himself didn't know exactly what he was getting into for the Indian ceremony but handled everything like a gentleman and a champ. 

This day was so much fun and was a joy to be able to capture it for Neha + Eric.  From the getting shots, to the first look and formals, to the last pictures on the dance floor before we said our goodbyes.  We could not be happier about how their photos turned out. Truly a day filled with intimate and special memories. 

We hope you enjoy this preview of Neha + Eric. 

Erica + Jon Wedding

We had a wonderful time traveling to Michigan for Erica + Jon's wedding last week.  We were looking for a breath of fresh air and change of climate as we headed up north in late September, but Mother Nature had different plans for us.  It was a day that broke records with temperatures well into the 90s!

Despite the hot weather, we were able to get some amazing photos of the loving couple and their friends and family.  From the first look, to the first kiss, to their first dance as husband and wife, it was apparent to everyone around how much Erica + Jon love one another.  It was beaming from both of their faces all day long!  

Everyone was ready to kick back and have a great time at the reception as well! And let me tell you from first hand experience, people in Michigan know how to party!

Enjoy the preview of their wedding below.  Congrats again Erica + Jon!

Aero Bar Style Shoot with Mallory Ervin

We recently worked a style shoot with Aero Bar at Bloomsbury Farms to promote their sleek new Mobile Bar named Henry. The beautiful and talented Mallory Ervin and her handsome husband Kyle, accompanied by their adorable pug named Dug, helped bring the scene to life.   We couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. 



Autumn + Scott Wedding

Where to start? First let's say congrats to Autumn + Scott one more time for such an amazing wedding! 

Weddings are wonderful things in and of themselves, but Autumn + Scott shared something very special with all of their guests. Everyone could easily witness the love, intentionality, and commitment that Autumn + Scott have for one another. I don't remember the last time I saw so many guests coming up to the bride and groom in tears sharing how powerful a wedding was to the them. We are in the field of documenting love... capturing it for our couples, their families, and the world. Autumn + Scott gave us so much love to capture! Their story and journey culminated in a truly wonderful day that will be cherished for years to come. 

To help create a hospitable and jaw dropping environment for their wedding Autumn + Scott entrusted Angela Proffitt and her incredibly talented team and vendors. Vision is one thing, execution is a whole other component and this team's ability to bring it to a reality was amazing. When Autumn saw the finished product brought to life, the reaction of emotion shown below speaks for itself! 

As an added bonus to their guests, Autumn + Scott had our team put together a Same Day Video Trailer to show at the end of the night! Guests were amazed as they watched so many wonderful memories that happened just a few moments prior. 

We love how these turned out and hope you enjoy this preview of Autumn + Scott's wedding at Graystone Quarry


Liza + Phil Engagement

We met up with Liza + Phil on a bright Sunday morning after we got rained out the day before and took some shots around River Front Park.

Liza + Phil looked amazing! We were definitely jealous of how well morning looked on them. Austin and myself looked more like we'd been on a cross country road trip with no sleep before we arrived at the shoot. The funny part is I think we were both in bed by 10pm.... I guess we are not aging too well :( Needless to say, the camera likes these two....a lot!

We can't wait to shoot their wedding next month!

Julia + Danny Surprise Proposal

Last week we shot a surprise proposal for Julia + Danny. These are always fun to help plan and to capture!

Danny had been planning this for months from San Francisco and had reached out to us to shoot it when he arrived in Nashville. He had organized it so family (including Wilbur the family dog), and friends would all be there to secretly watch, and then celebrate afterwards as well. The original location was at Cheekwood Gardens where we would be waiting with Danny, who would surprise Julia who thought she was attending a cocktail party for a new art gallery installation. However, all this planning, all the time committed and the stress of making sure everything was in place for this day, was thwarted by, of all things, bad weather :( 

On the day of the shoot we start getting texts from Danny that his plane was being re-routed to St. Louis due to weather. At this point he was two hours out, and we had a tight window of time to get him from the airport to Cheekwood. So while Danny is stuck in St. Louis he adds us on his family's text stream. From there it's a flurry of messages trying to re-plan this surprise proposal. Should we do it tonight? Should we wait? Where should we do it? Mind you, while all of this is happening the sun is continuing to lower in the sky, and as photographers, panic starts to set in the pit of our stomachs. We finally decide on Centennial Park as the new spot and decided to still do it that night!

Danny arrives in Nashville and we pick him up from the airport Secret Service style!  We shoved him in the SUV and we were off racing through traffic.  It was destiny in the making. It was meant to be for us, Danny, and our mission to get him to the love of his life who has no idea he's in Tennessee and no clue any of this is happening. 

We arrive at the park and meet up with the rest of the family, who are waiting with flowers and their dog Wilbur.  We all hurried to get into position. From here, the photos tell the rest of the story. It was a close call, it got dark fast, but I think we captured the momen and the love, splendidly.

Enjoy the photos! Congrats again Danny + Julia!


Kaitlin + Alex Engagement

Man, we love shooting engagement sessions! It's such a great way to get to know a couple before shooting their wedding. It gives a chance for chemistry to develop between us and our couples and gives us a chance to help our couples develop some confidence in front of the camera.

There's nothing more exciting than taking a couple that may be a little camera shy, and capturing just how beautifully and well they photograph. It also gives us an opportunity to know what makes them comfortable and what doesn't.  For Kaitlin + Alex, it was seamless, we pretty much talked for two hours non-stop, and I'm being literal. They flew in from Colorado to plan their Nashville wedding and booked a shoot with us while they were here. We're so glad they did, and we can't wait to shoot their wedding next summer! 

Congrats you two!